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Timeskip -

Gibt sowohl bessere ATK als auch Orb booster. Suche time, skip in: Ist aber inzwischen schon Zeit für die nächste Dosis , dann fahren Sie bei der Einnahme wie gewohnt fort, ohne die vergessene Kapsel zusätzlich einzunehmen. Alle Units kommt drauf an wie Chopper genau funktioniert top tier. Zeit knapp wird, kann diese Aktivität ausgelassen werden. Nami besitzt akzeptable Stats, vier einfach farmbare Sockets, eine schlechte Captain-Fähigkeit, die keinen wirklich nutzen finden wird, eine okay-e Sailor-Fähigkeit und eine relativ gute Spezialfähigkeit. Zeit ist, die nächste Dosis zu nehmen, lassen Sie die vergessene Dosis aus.{/ITEM}

7. Aug. One Piece vor dem Timeskip. star gold star grey Female Male. 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Ruffy D. Water Law - Aktualisiert am: Directory: Techniques → Offensive techniques → Rush Attack Time-Skip/Tremor Pulse (時とばし・揺撹 Toki Tobashi: Yōkaku) is a kicking technique utilizing the. Mai Time skip (weiß gar nicht, ob es einen deutschen Begriff dafür gibt).. meine damit, wenn zum Beispiel in Filmen/Sendungen/Bücher in der.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}After entering the caste, Luffy wanders away from the group in search of food. Luffy arrived there and once fußballl live confronted Byrnndi in battle. Later in the last chapter's epilogue, five years pass after Shen is forced to live imprisoned in Lianne's timeskip who has become his wife — home with her and their son Zian before we reach the dynamo dresden 1. bundesliga scene. He laments that it is an Admiral abusing this knowledge above all else. The fake Luffy orders his crew to find the real Beste Spielothek in Inger finden and Usopp but is suddenly knocked down by the figure from before. Luffy noticed that the octopus merman managed to block his attack. The intervening years are occasionally covered as flashbacks. Luffy tries to change the subject and asks about Akainu on why the two of them fought, believing they were friends. Luffy however, dodges the blast and goes into Gear Second then takes book of ra alternative isis bookofrabon the zeitzone hamburg gmt and hits the Pacifista as it tries to fire again, knocking it out in one hit. Tashigi in Smoker's body then confronts Luffy, but Luffy easily pins vergessen präteritum down. Law interrupts the marines and tells them of a way off the island, but they will have two hours to escape. The Secret Saturdays has this to start tour de france 1 etappe the third season. Panda Mania group engages the dragon in battle.{/ITEM}

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The two engage in a brutal fist fight, both striking each other with imbued Haki. Kuzan is seen watching their match from a distance, stating "Black Arm" Zephyr has returned.

Z and Luffy both give each other hard punches to the chest and stomach, giving Luffy a moment to recoil and puke. Luffy strikes back a punch that knocks Z's glasses right off.

A brief flashback is seen in his mind of his early childhood, rattling his early memories. Z becomes elated, that he is being given such a good fight.

Both Luffy and him are worn out, still pushing each other with punches back and forth. He corners Luffy and begins pounding on him, with Luffy showing little sign he can defend himself anymore.

As Z begins to gain the upper hand, Luffy pushes him back with a kick. Fighting on their last reserves, Luffy shouts he is going to be the Pirate King with Z shouting his name in absolute confidence.

After exchanging a few more blows to one another, Luffy finally collapses from exhaustion. Z falls to the ground after, unable to fight anymore too.

Z bitterly says he's gotten old, and his body cannot keep up with him anymore. He finds it disappointing, telling Luffy he was enjoying fighting him.

Z tells Luffy to finish him, but Luffy merely tells him he's already satisfied, giving him a smile. He offers to continue fighting him, if he wants but Z turns him down, also being satisfied.

Kizaru then arrives with his army, telling them he is going to kill them all. Z says he's done everything he's wanted to do, and now will face the price for it as he marches towards the Marine army.

He dismisses Luffy, and tells him to leave the rest to him. Ain tries to rush to his side, but Kuzan summons a giant wall of ice dividing everyone from him.

Luffy silently looks on, honoring his sacrifice. The Straw Hats depart the island, watching the battle unfold in grim silence as Z gives up his life to save them.

During the credits, it is revealed that after Z's defeat, the Straw Hats returned to Dock Island one last time, to return the gear and weapons Mobston had given them.

They bid them farewell, and Gari decided to become a pirate, wearing Luffy's borrowed attired. Suddenly, the crew noticed a distress signal coming from nearby Mushroom Island , and when Sanji saw that the crewmembers appeared to be young women, he frantically led the Straw Hats there.

However, the women turned out to be the Foxy Pirates in disguise, and Foxy confronted Luffy again.

However, Luffy did not recognize him, causing Foxy to get depressed. Foxy showed Luffy how his crew grew in strength over the past two years, including the additions of former Marine Komei and expert shipwright Dojaku.

Foxy then challenged Luffy to a Davy Back Fight, which the pirate quickly accepted. The Davy Back Fight then began, and Luffy eagerly bought things from the various establishments set up by the Foxy Pirates.

Luffy, Sanji, and Brook got ready to eat a large pile of mushrooms, which Luffy was excited about despite Chopper not being able to identify the mushrooms.

Due to a complaint made by Komei, Brook was switched out with Zoro, and the Eating Contest then began. However, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Porche, and Hamburg all collapsed, only to get up devoid of any motivation.

Luffy did not even react to meat that Franky threw at him, shocking the Straw Hats. Komei then revealed that this was all part of his plan, as an undercover Vice Admiral, to capture the Straw Hats.

Komei revealed that the competitors ate the Drowsy Mushroom, and the only antidote to it was the Rebound Mushroom. However, Robin stole the Rebound Mushroom from Dojaku and fed it to Luffy, who immediately regained his strength.

Luffy bended the bars of the cage and told Zoro and Sanji to come on, but he was knocked onto the beach by Dojaku.

Luffy then attempted to pull himself back onto the cage to rescue Zoro and Sanji, but Komei poured oil on his handhold, causing Luffy to slip and fly into the ocean.

Usopp went to save Luffy, but everyone was immobilized after the Sexy Foxy reflected Foxy's Noro Noro beam, allowing Komei and Dojaku to escape with their prisoners.

Komei taunted Luffy as he escaped, but left behind an Eternal Pose. As they prepared to leave, Foxy came and laid prostrate before Luffy, begging the pirate to let him come and save Porche and Hamburg.

Luffy grinned and accepted Foxy into the Sunny, although the rest of the Foxy Pirates stayed behind at the Straw Hats' request with Chopper and Brook, who were tasked to look for the Rebound Mushroom However, a Foxy Pirate named Kansho joined his captain in the mission.

Foxy gave Luffy a trinket of his head, which Luffy excitedly accepted. The Thousand Sunny then neared a rocky island, where they were intercepted by Marine battleships.

However, with Foxy's help, they managed to escape the ambush and land on the island, which is called Nebulandia.

Komei then broadcasted himself to Luffy and the others, saying he would give them until sunrise the next day to rescue Zoro and Sanji.

Luffy grew impatient and attacked the nearest rock formation, which contained a Marine outpost. However, he was stopped by a mysterious plant wrapping around his hands, which caused him to become weak.

Luffy's crewmates struggled to keep him from flying into the Marine base and the Marines opened fire on them, although Franky managed to shield Luffy from the blast.

Komei then told the pirates that during the attack he captured Robin, and revealed that Nebulandia contained many traps for Devil Fruit users.

Luffy pressed his attack on the Marine outpost, but was trapped by the plant, which was revealed to be attracted to Devil Fruit users. The plant left Luffy a sitting duck as he was hit with cannon fire, sending him crashing to the ground.

Franky, Usopp, and Kansho succeeded in bringing down the outpost, but the Straw Hats were still under attack by three outposts behind it,.

Later, Franky reported to the Straw Hats that he discovered a hole where the outpost used to be that led underground. Luffy volunteered to go, but was told that there was seawater underground and so Usopp went in his stead.

As night fell on Nebulandia, a seawater fog rose up that caused Luffy to become weak due to his Devil Fruit powers. Komei mocked Luffy for his weakness and revealed that Franky, Usopp, Brook, and Chopper were captured.

The Vice Admiral told the pirates that he would be changing the game and bringing their captured comrades outside, so that Luffy could try to rescue them before sunrise.

Luffy then pressed on to where his friends were, intent on going despite the fog rendering him barely able to stand. Luffy reached the clearing where his crewmates were tied up, and pressed on toward them despite them saying it was a trap.

Suddenly, Luffy fell into a pitfall, and barely managed to hang onto the ledge. Komei confronted Luffy and knocked him into the hole, which contained seawater at the bottom.

Luffy managed to stop himself before he fell into the seawater, but Komei used Haki to turn his fan into a long sword and forced Luffy into the water.

Luffy was rescued by Nami, but had stopped breathing. Eventually, Foxy managed to resuscitate Luffy, but as Luffy leaped to rescue his friends, he was shot by Kansho, who was also an undercover Marine.

With Luffy dead and his crewmates captured, Komei and the Marines celebrated their victory. However, Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates then arrived, having managed to trick Komei into believing they were captured.

As the Straw Hats were freed, they tended to Luffy, trying to find any signs of life. Suddenly, Luffy stood up, revealing that the bullet had luckily hit the Foxy trinket.

Kansho attempted to shoot Luffy again, but his shot was deflected by Usopp and he was defeated by Foxy. As a battle broke out between the pirates and Marines, Luffy confronted Komei along with Nami.

However, Komei broke one of the outer edges of the island, causing seawater to flood in. Luffy ordered Nami to gather everyone up as he took on Komei.

The two duked it out, with Komei using his sword and a bazooka to drive Luffy into disadvantageous positions. However, before Komei could fire a finishing shot, Foxy slowed down the ball, telling Luffy to hit it repeatedly.

Luffy did so, creating a hole in the basin that drained the seawater. Luffy mocked Komei for underestimating Foxy as the two battled again.

Komei managed to drive Luffy back, but Kinoconda suddenly arrived, giving Luffy a foothold in the air. Komei flew into the basin and his impact cracked the ground, and Luffy stood over his defeated foe.

They then departed for Mushroom Island, where Foxy held out his hand to Luffy to thank the pirate for fighting with him.

However, Foxy used this as an opportunity to call off their truce and fire a Noro Noro beam at Luffy. Luffy was not affected by the beam, however, and it was revealed that he was an illusion created by Nami, who knew that Foxy would do that.

Luffy and the other Straw Hats then had a banquet to celebrate their victory. Soon the crew spots an island surrounded by a sea of flames.

Luffy is excited to go there even though it seems dangerous to approach the island. The crew then hears a Den Den Mushi ringing and Luffy answers it ignoring Robin's warnings that it could be a trap set up by the Marines.

Luffy then receives a call from someone who seems to be in trouble and supposedly resides on Punk Hazard. Luffy then decides to rescue the mysterious person.

When they get there, they explore and find a massive skull that they determine to be larger than a giant's. Suddenly, they encounter a beast believed to be legend: As Luffy and his companions are surprised, the dragon supposedly asks who they are.

The group engages the dragon in battle. While fighting the dragon, Luffy discovers a pair of legs attached on top of it which is the source of the talking.

Eventually, with a combined effort from Usopp and Luffy, Zoro manages to cleave off the dragon's head. Luffy then pulls the pair of legs off the dragon's head and the group is shocked that it does not have an upper body.

The pair of legs then takes off in pursuit of a Shichibukai while Luffy excitedly asks the legs to join his crew. After the group cuts up and eats the dragon meat and takes the rest with them, they continue their expedition.

Luffy decides to play with the legs, placing them on his back and pretending to be a centaur, even though the legs keep flipping him over.

Zoro then draws the group's attention to a remarkable sight: Usopp then sights a humanoid figure with wings.

Luffy then fights and defeats the centaur. A second centaur appears and attacks Luffy, but Robin subdues it.

Luffy also nicknames the legs "Leggy". The group then decides to go to the frozen side of the island. To cross the lake, Usopp forms a boat from Pop Greens.

As Luffy's group rides on the boat, the centaur that Luffy had just fought jumps after them and informs his boss that the pirates are heading his way.

The four Straw Hats then see a group of centaurs waiting for them on the other side. The centaurs then fire their bazookas at the water around the boat, capsizing it and leaving Usopp and Zoro keep Luffy and Robin afloat.

Zoro moves to attack the centaurs, but is instead dragged underwater by sharks. The centaurs prepare to attack the Straw Hats again, but they are stopped by Brook, giving Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp enough time to escape the lake.

After emerging from the freezing water, the four Straw Hats plan on stealing coats from the centaurs.

After defeating them and stealing their coats, the group uses Brownbeard as transportation to Vegapunk's former research facility. They soon arrive at the scene where Trafalgar Law and Smoker just fought.

Seeing Law, Luffy reacts in surprise and enjoyment. Luffy quickly thanks him for his help two years ago and asks him where " the talking bear " is.

Law simply states that they are both pirates, reminding Luffy that they are rivals, and then tells Luffy to head to the backside of the facility.

Right after Law goes back into the building, Luffy's group quickly leaves the scene to get away from the marines. While taking shelter in a laboratory ruin, Luffy is saddened that he has to give back "Leggy" to the Samurai from Wano and is surprised to learn that Law became a Shichibukai.

The Straw Hats then tie up Brownbeard and bring each other up to speed on the current situation. After interrogating Brownbeard, they learn about a man known as Caesar Clown.

Kin'emon later leaves the group to find his torso and Sanji, Brook, and Zoro go out to find him. Before long, several of the giant children start to feel pain, saying that they need candy usually given to them in order to make the pain go away.

However, Chopper states that the candy contains a drug that the children became addicted to and Luffy's group learns that the children have been experimented on.

One of the giant children then hits Luffy and the others go on a rampage, forcing Usopp to put them to sleep. Luffy's group decide to help the children and find the man that Brownbeard calls his master.

They then tie up the giant children so that they cannot destroy anything else. While they are gone, Luffy's group hears an explosion coming from the hideout and Luffy detects the presence of two animals.

They quickly turn back to help Nami and Chopper. When they return, the Yeti Cool Brothers open fire on Luffy, and then disappear when Luffy tries to attack.

It is then revealed that Nami in Franky's body has been captured. Luffy then sees that Brownbeard has been shot by the brothers and Luffy's group realize that Caesar is warped enough to turn on his own loyal subordinates.

Franky takes a Rumble Ball from Chopper and immediately uses it, ignoring Chopper's advice on how to use it. Franky transforms into Monster Point and goes on a rampage while chasing after Luffy.

Luffy and Franky follow the giant footprints and fall into an ambush by Scotch and Rock. They first try to skewer Luffy with Icicle Pincushion.

Rock then fires some shots at Luffy. Luffy counters with Gomu Gomu no Thank You Fire, deflecting the bullets right back at Rock, dealing some damage to him.

Scotch then fires a shot at a mountain top, causing a giant ice shard to start falling towards Luffy and Franky. Rock prepares to attack again, but Franky grabs the shard and knocks out Rock with it.

Scotch then grabs Nami and attempts to make a run for it with Luffy chasing after him. Law arrives and cuts Scotch in half. Scotch tries to retaliate against Law only to be knocked out by Law's Counter Shock.

As Luffy breaks Nami's chains, Law proposes to Luffy to form an alliance in order to take down one of the Yonko. Luffy accepts the offer much to Nami's protests.

Luffy, Franky, Nami, and Law then return to the hideout. The rest of the Straw Hats are surprised that Luffy actually formed an alliance with Law.

Law returns Franky and Chopper to their bodies while putting Nami in Sanji's body. Chopper scolds Luffy and Franky for causing damage to his body.

The Straw Hats and Law then form a plan to capture Caesar while helping the children. Luffy is later seen flying with Franky and Robin towards Caesar's lab.

After crashing through a Marine warship, he prepares with the others to kidnap Caesar Clown. Tashigi in Smoker's body then confronts Luffy, but Luffy easily pins her down.

Smoker in Tashigi's body steps in and fights Luffy himself. After learning that Smoker is not in his own body, Luffy laughs and tells him that they will fight another day.

After Franky blasts the doors, Luffy and his group prepare to storm the facility. Before they enter, pieces of poisonous slime start falling from the sky.

Caesar then appears outside of the facility and starts explaining about the slime creature, but is interrupted when Luffy grabs onto him.

Luffy and Caesar subsequently engage into battle. Caesar uses Gas Robe on Luffy, and he inhales all of Caesar's poison gas. Luffy then expels the gas through his ears, much to the surprise of Caesar's subordinates.

Luffy laughs at Caesar by saying that his poison does not work on him much thanks to an immunity he gained from his battle with Magellan.

He attacks Caesar again, and just when he is about to land another blow to Caesar, Caesar attacks Luffy with Gas Tank, and Luffy gets caught in the explosion.

After that, Luffy was trapped by Slime and was later dealt with another Gas Tank. Luffy evades the attacks and proceeds to deal a final blow to Caesar, momentarily defeating him.

Before Luffy's group can complete their capture of Caesar, Luffy suddenly faints. As Robin and Franky wonder what happened to Luffy, Caesar laughs and says that Luffy underestimated him.

Luffy is then seen lying unconscious alongside Robin, Franky, Smoker, and Tashigi, who were all knocked out by Caesar. Law tells him that Joker is Donquixote Doflamingo.

While Clown is giving out his broadcast to the underworld brokers about his experiment with his chemical mass destruction weapon, Luffy and the other captives are just sitting passively in their cell.

After Vergo is seen with Law's heart and inflicts pain on Law by using his heart, Luffy is surprised Law can still survive without his heart.

After Smiley explodes and spreads a poisonous cloud, the prisoners witness the destructive effects of the gas as some of Caesar's subordinates succumb to it.

Luffy then sees Sanji, Zoro , Kin'emon , and Brook all running away from the gas cloud. He then yells that they have to run and cannot die but is weakened by the seastone stone.

Caesar Clown proceeds to move the captives outside of the facility to die. Luffy then asks how Law plans to escape, watching as the Shichibukai begins his escape plan.

Law directs Franky to launch his Franky Fireball at the segregated battleship down below. The wood is set alight and the smoke from the burning wreck then rises up to the cage, allowing them to discreetly take action.

Law quickly reveals that he had replaced some of the sea stone handcuffs with regular ones, allowing him to escape easily and goes on to free Luffy and the others.

Using Law's Devil Fruit powers, they are then moved into the laboratory where they open the shutters, allowing everyone outside to escape the poison gas.

Seeing the remaining members of his crew arrive, Luffy gleefully claims the battle has really begun. When his crew are confronted by the G-5 Marines, Luffy asks if the fight has started.

Law interrupts the marines and tells them of a way off the island, but they will have two hours to escape.

When Luffy asks him what will happen, Law replies that he will do something dangerous. When the groups split up, Luffy decides to go after Caesar Clown once again.

After Zoro hears about Luffy's earlier defeat at the hands of Caesar, he yells at Luffy, telling him not to be careless and reminds him that they are in the New World.

Luffy agrees and proceeds to attack a group of Caesar's subordinates standing in his way. He later defeats Run the Machete with one strike and continues through the hallway to Passage B.

Luffy and Smoker eventually pass through the B building and reach Caesar's location. Before entering the room that Caesar is in, Smoker tells Luffy that Vergo is his enemy.

Luffy replies that he will get Caesar. Once they see the scientist, Luffy immediately gives him a punch.

Luffy and Caesar fight for a while, and just when Luffy is gaining the upper hand, Monet steps in and interrupts him. She makes a barrier over Caesar, which Luffy breaks with Jet Gatling.

Monet lets Caesar escape, and tells Luffy that if anything bad happens to him, Doflamingo will kill her. Luffy then asks "what" Doflamingo is instead of asking "who" he is.

Monet, however, simply locks him in a ten-layered snow hut and begins to weaken him with her powers. Luffy, however, simply blasts through the floor with a Jet Spear and falls into the basement.

However, Monet tells him that unless he can fly, there is no way out of the basement. While exploring the garbage dump inside the basement, Luffy encounters yet another dragon and asks who is it.

Surprisingly, the dragon replies back, asking the same question. The dragon then introduces himself as Momonosuke.

However, Luffy thinks it is an eel and is surprised that it can talk. After Momonosuke points out he is not edible, Luffy introduces himself as the man who is going to become the Pirate King.

Momonosuke does not believe him and starts telling Luffy about his perception of pirates, but Luffy interrupts him.

Momonosuke then explains his back story, which includes him being taken to Punk Hazard, going to the secret room and eating a Devil Fruit which transformed him into a dragon.

Luffy tells Momonosuke that he should just turn back into a human, but Momonosuke does not yet know how. Momonosuke then continues his story, where he overheard Caesar telling Monet that the children will die in five years and that he will get new ones then.

He then finishes his story by telling Luffy about how he ended up in the garbage dump. Luffy becomes angry after learning how horrible Caesar is and he tells Momonosuke to hold unto him as he plans on climbing the wall to get out and rescue the children.

Momonosuke then has an hallucination of Doflamingo's face and flies out of the basement with Luffy hanging onto him. They later escape the garbage dump through a dust bin.

Luffy then confronts three of Caesar Clown's underlings, demanding Caesar's location. The frightened underlings immediately tell him that Caesar is in Building R, straight along the corridor.

As Luffy prepares for a third confrontation, Caesar taunts him, telling Luffy that he will be in danger from both Doflamingo and a Yonko if he attacks him.

Luffy then punches Caesar in the face, saying that he has been dealing with people like that since he entered the Grand Line. Caesar then warns Luffy again about the kind of people he is dealing with and attempts to retaliate with a gas-burner attack.

Luffy dodges and punches Caesar in the face again. Caesar then forces his men in the control room to open the air vents, allowing his gaseous weapon to flow in.

Caesar absorbs his weapon and grows bigger. He then kills more of his subordinates, angering Luffy further. Luffy asks Momonosuke to look after Brownbeard and then runs into a hallway to get some distance away from Caesar.

Luffy enters Gear Third and charges at Caesar, angrily shouting that he does not want to see his face anymore. He attacks Caesar with Grizzly Magnum, not only sending him through the gate to the escape passage but also sending him flying outside of the lab.

With Caesar out of the way, Luffy is then reunited with his crew and the kidnapped children. When Luffy tells Law that he sent Caesar flying, Law scolds him for not following the plan of capturing him.

Luffy waits patiently for them despite Law's urges to escape as soon as possible. Fortunately, the remaining group arrives safely before the gate to Building R seals off.

Everyone boards the rail car and goes through the escape passage. While going through the escape passage, Luffy helps defend the cart from the falling rubble.

When they finally reach the outside, they find Franky in his Franky Shogun after he was just fighting against Buffalo and Baby 5.

As the pair attempt to flee with Caesar, Law prepares to stop them himself, but Usopp and Nami insisted to handle them themselves.

Luffy encourages Law to give his crew a chance. After the defeat of Buffalo and Baby 5 and the successful capture of Caesar, Luffy smiles as Law declares the first stage of his plan complete.

During the aftermath, Luffy had a friendly chat with Brownbeard, who decided to turn himself in to the Marines. Luffy was then surprised to see Kin'emon breaking to pieces and then reforming to his normal state.

Luffy was also surprised to see Momonosuke return to his human form. Sanji made food for the father and son and Luffy was excited to see such delicious food.

He tried to convince Momonosuke to eat, but the boy was hesitant at first. Momonosuke and Kin'emon eventually ate together and everyone gathered, drooling at the food.

Law warned Luffy that it can not get out of hand and that they will to leave as soon as possible and Luffy agreed, but moments after, he declares the party started.

Luffy enjoys the food with his crew and new friends. They were later seen on a sea slope. After Nami informed him that their next destination was Dressrosa, Luffy told everyone to gather around so he and Law could explain their next plan.

Luffy and everyone listened as Law explained about Doflamingo's connection to the underworld and the plan to decimate Kaido's forces. Luffy then asked Kin'emon if he has something to do on Dressrosa.

The samurai replied that he has a comrade being held prisoner there. During the evening, Luffy was having fun fishing while wearing a samurai helmet and watching Zoro and Kin'emon fight each other.

They also saw that the paper mentioned Luffy and Law's alliance as well as the alliance between Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo. Law told Luffy to disregard the other pirate alliance and only focus on their plan.

Law contacted Doflamingo to discuss the next part of the negotiation. Luffy suddenly interrupted the call and angrily asked Doflamingo if he is the boss of Caesar.

Doflamingo stated his desire to see Luffy and informed the Straw Hat captain that he has something that he would want to get which Luffy thought it was meat.

Luffy was then put into a trance until Usopp snapped him out of it. Luffy then got more excited to see Dressrosa and the crew have a big meal.

While eating, Luffy heard Law and Kin'emon talking about a place called Zo. Luffy then listened to Kin'emon and Momonosuke's story about how they were shipwrecked and drifted to Dressrosa as well as how Momonosuke was separated from his father.

After hearing about how Kanjuro helped Kin'emon escape, Luffy excitedly declared that they should save him too. The Thousand Sunny soon approached Dressrosa.

After disembarking, the group began their next phase of their operation. Luffy thought about using Momonosuke, in his dragon form, to fly. However, Momonosuke refused to do so.

When Luffy asked him if he is afraid of heights, they got into a small fight until Kin'emon broke them up.

The group split into three teams and Luffy went into Dressrosa with Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Kin'emon to destroy the factory and rescue Kanjuro.

While exploring, they saw the things that the country is famous for including living toys. After getting disguises, they stopped at a restaurant to get something to eat.

There, they found some thugs taking advantage of a blind man while taking away his money in roulette. As the man left, Luffy asked who he was, only for the man to say it was better for both of them if he did not know.

After one of Zoro's swords is stolen, he chased after the thief with Sanji and Kin'emon in tow. Luffy attempted to follow them for fun, but was stopped by Franky.

Instead, they interrogated one of the thugs, who happened to be a subordinate of Doflamingo, for the location of the SMILEs factory. The thug claimed that he did not know anything about it.

He then said that most of Doflamingo's crewmembers were at the colosseum where there was a tournament being held for a big prize.

At first, Luffy thought it was meat, thinking back to his conversation with Doflamingo, only for the thug to inform them that the prize was actually Ace's former Devil Fruit.

Luffy decided to compete for the fruit, not wanting just anyone to eat it. He offered the fruit to Franky, but he declined, not wanting to lose his ability to swim.

Even though the initial objectives were to find the factory and Kanjuro, Franky felt Luffy deserved the chance to fight for the fruit.

Luffy and Franky later arrived at Corrida Colosseum where they met a one-legged toy soldier called Thunder Soldier. He nearly gave himself away when he almost signed his own name, but thanks to Franky stopping him, he ended up signing in as "Lucy".

He was then taken to the waiting room, where he met all the contestants. One of them called Spartan attacked Luffy, thinking he was a weakling. Much to the other contestants' surprise, Luffy easily defeated Spartan.

One of the staff members of the colosseum was about to disqualify Luffy. Luckily, Sai and Boo from the Chinjao Family stepped in and spoke on Luffy's behalf, saying that Spartan was the one who started the fight.

After thanking the Chinjao family for saving him from disqualification, Luffy learned that he has been assigned to Block C. Once he was inside the battle preparation room, Luffy got excited seeing all the armor and decided to put some on to make himself look cooler.

While learning about the colosseum's weight restriction on protective gear, Luffy was greeted by Cavendish , captain of the Beautiful Pirates.

Cavendish then proceed to tell Luffy his backstory such as how he came to resent the Eleven Supernovas, but Luffy ignored him during the middle of the conversation.

He then sees a bronze statue of a man named Kyros. While admiring the statue, he met a female gladiator named Rebecca , who told him the story of Kyros.

After Luffy and Rebecca finished their conversation, the winner of Block A was announced and Luffy was shocked to see that it was Jesus Burgess.

Before Block B began, Luffy took a look at the warriors defeated by Burgess. He was then approached by Bellamy, [64] who told him that he also visited Skypiea.

Bellamy said that his reason for joining the tournament was a chance to join Doflamingo's crew. He went on saying that he has no grudge against Luffy and that he would not laugh at him again.

As the fights in Block B went on, Chinjao approached Luffy and asked him about Garp, revealing Luffy's identity to Cavendish in the process.

Luffy kept denying his true identity, but Cavendish drew his sword, preparing to attack Luffy anyway. However, Chinjao made the first move, striking at Luffy with a headbutt.

Right after Luffy dodged the attack, Cavendish tried to force Luffy to take off his fake beard. Chinjao then launched another attack, but Cavendish wards off the second headbutt with his sword.

Chinjao continuously assaulted both Luffy and Cavendish with his headbutts until Luffy punched him into the ground.

When Chinjao became very furious, Boo and Sai came to stop him. While the two managed to calm down Chinjao, Luffy hid himself by hanging from a window sill.

Luffy continued to watch the match and witnessed Bartolomeo deflecting Hack's attack, which also damaged Hack's hand as well.

As he continued to watch the battle in the arena, he was wondering how Bartolomeo was able to damage Hack like that. He then witnessed that even Bellamy could not stand up against Bartolomeo's strange power.

He then cheered Bellamy on, urging him to give it his all. After that, King Elizabello finally threw his legendary "King Punch" which took out all the remaining gladiators in the arena.

Even Luffy said that it was an incredible punch and that he had never seen anything like it. Before the King was declared the winner of B Block's "Battle Royale", Bartolomeo emerged unharmed and revealed that he had eaten the Bari Bari no Mi and had created a barrier to protect himself.

He then took out the King and was declared the winner of Block B much to Luffy's surprise. As an injured Bellamy was moved out of the ring, he and Luffy had another friendly chat and commented on how the other had changed.

Meanwhile, Bartolomeo overheard Bellamy calling him Straw Hat. When Block C started, Luffy entered the ring before Cavendish could confront him.

When the gong was heard, Luffy was excited to start fighting. The bull was eventually stopped and crushed by Hajrudin.

Luffy then avenged Ucy by eliminating Hajrudin from the competition with a knock-out punch. Afterwards, Luffy removed Fighting Bull from the fighting area by carrying him over his right shoulder.

When he was finished, Luffy entered the fight again only to have his helmet stolen by Jean Ango who heard a rumor that he was Straw Hat Luffy, forcing him to use his cape to hide his identity.

The weapons aimed at Luffy hit Chinjao instead. Luffy then took back his helmet before Chinjao knocked the bounty hunter out of the ring.

Seeing that Chinjao was hell bent on taking his grudge out on him, Luffy decided to fight him head on. Before clashing with Chinjao, he knocked out Sai while Chinjao knocked out Ideo.

As the two remaining fighters in the battle royale, Luffy and Chinjao clashed their fists against each other, causing a large wave of Haoshoku Haki to burst throughout the arena.

After Luffy declared his goal of becoming the Pirate King, Chinjao asked him who taught him Haki and Luffy answered that it was Rayleigh.

Chinjao then bursts into tears, mentioning about a treasure he was not able to acquire. Luffy told Chinjao to stick to either crying or getting angry and then continued his clash with him.

After recovering, Chinjao began mocking Luffy, telling him that those known as the Worst Generation are greenhorns who do not know anything of the world and saying that his attempts to surpass Roger are laughable.

He then enraged Luffy by saying executing Ace was a smart move by the Marines. Luffy then proceeded to launch himself in the air with Gomu Gomu no Rocket using Chinjao as leverage.

The two collided, seemingly matched up until Luffy managed to gain the upper hand, which coincidentally restored Chinjao's head to the shape it was before his final battle with Garp.

Chinjao was then knocked out and fell down to the arena, splitting it in half with his newly reformed head. Chinjao then sank into the water, unconscious, and Luffy officially won Block C.

Set two years after the events of the Marineford Arc , in which Luffy reunites with his crew, this arc also marks the beginning of the second part of the series.

Two years have passed and Luffy retrieves his hat just as Hancock and the Kuja Pirates arrive to take him back to Sabaody Archipelago.

Luffy displayed some of his strengths when he shows that he made friends with the wildlife and warns the animals not to hurt his friends. Hancock is even more infatuated with Luffy though he tells her that he is not marrying her.

With that, he places the hat on his head and prepares to leave Rusukaina. The scene then changes to Sabaody Archipelago , which has become much more lawless due to Marineford having switched locations to an area in the New World and their old base now being a common Marine base called G-1 that used to be on the other side of the Red Line.

Rumors of the Straw Hats suddenly reappearing and recruiting new members have circulated. The Longarm Tribe that captured him are now his managers.

Sabaody is the final stop in Brook's tour, as well as his Farewell concert to his fans. Next, Sanji is seen arriving with some of the okama.

Right after he sets foot on the island, he is overjoyed to see real women again, even crying. He gives the okama a quick goodbye while also flipping them off thanking them for bringing him to Sabaody and telling them to give Iva his best before he runs off to try to find Nami and Robin.

Meanwhile in a bar, a woman is talking with the bartender about whats happened with Marineford. The talk is interrupted when a shot rings out, coming from a bunch of pirates who claim to be the "Straw Hat Pirates".

Those pirates, however, do not even resemble the Straw Hat Pirates at all. The commotion from before was "Luffy" along with "Nami", "Franky" and "Sogeking" having shot a captain who was trying to join them when they found out he was only worth 55,,, commenting that they wanted pirates with at least 70,, We also find out that they manage to recruit three pirate groups with 10 men that have bounties.

Among such being "Wet Hair" Caribou and "Blood Splatterer" Coribou who have ,, and ,, on their heads. As "Luffy" calls for more drinks, he notices the woman from before and invites her over.

She politely refuses which quickly gains the ire of the "Straw Hats". We find out that said woman is actually the real Nami , who is then reprimanded by the bartender to choose her words carefully, pointing out that it was a very bad idea to provoke the "Straw Hats".

But of course, Nami knows better and only proceeded to enjoy her drink. The Fake Nami tries to threaten her but a carnivorous plant suddenly appears from out of nowhere and chomps on her as well as the Fake Luffy and the other fake Straw Hats.

Nami soon finds that the culprit for this action is none other than Usopp , whom she instantly hugs upon seeing him. Nami and Usopp leave the bar as the Fake Straw Hats try to go after them, but are stopped when black bubbles suddenly appear, forming into a cloud, and shocking them.

The Fake Luffy recovers and orders his group to search for and kill the two. Meanwhile over in Grove 13 and Shakky's Bar, Sanji has arrived and found out that Zoro arrived on the island first.

Franky came next 10 days later and made his way to the Thousand Sunny , which has been protected by Duval and his men which Sanji thanks.

Sanji also learns that Nami, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook have arrived as well. Meaning Luffy and Robin are the only two unaccounted for.

Rayleigh , who is also in the bar, mentions he trained Luffy for only one and a half years before leaving him and has not seen him since.

In another part of the island, Robin , who has recently arrived, finds that she's being tracked by some unknown men, as well as confused at Brook having a concert and the Straw Hats recruiting new members.

In Grove 47, Tony Tony Chopper is seen following after who he thinks is Zoro and Sanji, but in reality is more of the Fake Straw Hats, this bunch comprised of the former two as well as a Robin and Chopper who are a short woman and fox respectively.

Thinking he is abandoned by his crew and believing he is their "pet", they plan to lure him over to their side to make the Fake Straw Hats look more credible.

The Fake Robin tries to lure Chopper over with a cucumber, but the men that were tracking Robin suddenly rush in and grab the fake one, along with the Fake Chopper, in a sack then run off, much to everyone's confusion.

Meanwhile in G-1, the rumors of the Straw Hats reach the Marine's ears. The vice admiral there quickly deploys his troops to the island. When her friend protests why "Luffy"or "luffia" would do that, he is shot as well.

The fake Luffy orders his crew to find the real Nami and Usopp but is suddenly knocked down by the figure from before. The said figure apologizes to him and starts to head off, but Fake Luffy calls out to him, the figure turns around to answer him and we find out it is actually the real Luffy in disguise.

A flashback is then seen when Luffy was saying his goodbyes to the Kuja Pirates. Hancock makes the suggestion of Luffy wearing a hood to conceal his identity as she knows the Marines are still looking for him even after 2 years.

She also gives him a over-packed sack of clothes and goodies much to Nyon's annoyance. Luffy then bids farewell to Hancock and the Kujas promising they'll meet again though Hancock takes it as another proposal.

Back in the present day, Fake Luffy is threatening Luffy with his pistol and trying to get Luffy to fear him. The rest of Fake Luffy's crew join in to intimidate Luffy with the crowd hoping he will go along with their wishes.

But Luffy simply brushes them off and turns to leave. Fake Luffy goes to shoot him but Luffy manages to dodge the bullet at point blank range then uses controlled Haki on the Fake Straw Hats causing them to faint much to the crowd's astonishment.

Meanwhile, Robin has reached the Thousand Sunny, finding Franky, now with a much more robotic appearance, on board.

She comes aboard and finds that the ship has been coated and ready for underwater travel. She also finds out that the rest of the Straw Hats have arrived on the island, except for Luffy.

When Robin asks about Brook's concert, Franky answers that he's been touring, rising to become a superstar since they first found him in the Florian Triangle and even doubts Brook will rejoin the crew.

They report Fake Robin's whose real name is Cocoa kidnapping to the Fake Luffy, with Chopper frantically trying to get the bunch to go after them.

Fake Luffy however dismisses his kidnapped crewmate and orders the bunch to gather up their recruited pirates and track down the real Luffy, Nami and Usopp starting from Grove Chopper runs off, unable to believe they would just abandon "Robin" and goes off to try to rescue her himself.

Unknown to him and the Fake Straw Hats, some Marines have been monitoring them. They report back to Grove 66, another Marine base, about this to which the Marines begin to mobilize, ordering to usher the civilians away from the Grove that would soon become a battlefield, and mentioning that reinforcements from G-1 would also arrive later on.

Among them is Sentomaru , who decides to bring along two Pacifistas and warns his troop not to underestimate the crew as they may have gotten stronger in the last two years; especially their captain, Luffy, whom he declares to be an entirely different caliber than the usual over ,, bounty rookies that gather at the Archipelago.

Meanwhile in Grove 42, Sanji has come across a fisherman and tries to buy some fish. But the man is panicking as he had a client that wanted to go fishing.

The fisherman told him to get on the boat, but instead the man got on a pirate ship by mistake which took off underwater.

When Sanji hears the description of the man, he realizes who it is and tells the fisherman not to panic as the man can take care of himself.

However, as he says that, a pirate ship suddenly floats back up from underwater, now cut in half. The captain of the ship scolds an individual on the mast, complaining how he ruined their dream to get to the New World.

The said figure is not phased and just tells him it was their bad luck to meet him. It is then revealed that the person on the mast is none other then Zoro, who grumbles about getting on the wrong ship.

By comparison, the three-year skip during the first Dune book covering the early years of Paul leading the Fremen looks like nothing.

The Legends of Dune series includes two trilogies separated by about 80 years with two characters Vorian Atreides and Norma Cenva present in all six books.

In Prince Caspian , the Pevensies return to Narnia to find that thousands of years have gone by there, while only one year has passed for them.

Similar time skips occur throughout the series. Subverted in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , where the now fourteen-years-older Pevensies are chasing the white stag in the last chapter, only to be transported back to the real world as children.

Peter David's Star Trek: New Frontier series has the three-year timeskip between Stone and Anvil and After the Fall , during which time various characters have been promoted, changed allegiances, married, and, in some cases, previously implacable near-enemies have apparently become friends.

Oh, and there was a major war which was precipitated by the heroes in the novel before the jump. Alexandre Dumas wrote sequels to The Three Musketeers: In Brothers of the Snake , there are huge time skips between the stories, ranging from two months to five years.

In Talon of Horus , there's a two month's time skip as Tlaloc travels across the Eye to the nearest safe harbor, and then another few months as it makes its way towards the edge of the Negative Space Wedgie the book takes place in.

The Legend of Rah and the Muggles does it a lot, to the effect of making important things happen offscreen and Stouffer cock up basic arithmetic.

Several thousand years pass between Ender's Game and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead. Though only a couple decades passed for Ender as he spent most of that time on relativistic starships.

Rip Van Winkle , the ultimate time skip story. Schismatrix skips more and more time the longer it goes.

The first four chapters all take place over the course of around 19 months, while the last two chapters alone contain skips of 53 and 32 years. Also, in universe, there is a group that practices "ice assassination", by forcing people to experience a time skip through cyrogenics.

There is a month skip between the first and second series although this gap has been filled by Firestar's Quest and Ravenpaw's Path , and a six month gap between the second and third series.

The fourth series is also supposed to start around six months after the end of the third. George RR Martin originally intended to utilize a five-year time skip between the third and fourth books of his A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series.

After investing more than six months of labor, Martin figured out it wouldn't work and had to start over on the fourth book.

The ramifications of this are still being felt. Cory Herndon loves this trope. In both the Mirrodin Cycle and the Ravnica cycle , there is a timeskip of five years between the second and third books.

Also both times, the protagonist is as confused as we are, due to being in stasis in the first case and being dead in the second.

The longer Time Skips have the nice side effect of whittling the cast of Loads and Loads of Characters down to more managable levels with everyone who was not immortal , a member of a particularly long lived race , a robot or AI , frozen in stasis or a godlike or ascended higher being having died of old age in the interim.

The last part The Uji chapters of The Tale Of Genji skip forward about twenty-five years and are about Genji's son and his peers as the opening chapter says right off, Genji's dead.

Since the Tale is often considered the first Novel or at least the first psychological novel , it just goes to show.

Ian Douglass' Heritage , Legacy and Inheritance trilogies have time skips between them of century scale - the first takes place in the midst century, the second in the 24th century, and the third begins at the end of the third millennium.

There are multiple skips of several months in Death Star. They never get announced; it's always through dialogue or the narration.

There's a time skip in Quantum Gravity where we come back to find that Lila has spent a lot of time in Demonia , and married Zal and Teazle , of all people.

Then there's another one which takes the trope literally, as Lila is catapulted forward fifty years. Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence has many time skips.

The book Exultant hops back and forth between the first few nanoseconds of the universe and 28, years into our future, while Ring starts in the year AD and jumps to AD 5,, The Left Behind book Kingdom Come has a few time skips right in the story itself.

It starts off at the beginning of the Millennium, then jumps ahead to 93 years later where it stays for most of it, then jumps again to the end of the Millennium.

The Dresden Files books generally have about a year between them, giving plenty of time for recuperation, healing, and Noodle Incidents to happen.

In Ghost Story , Harry unwittingly experiences a timeskip of over a year in the course of a single conversation, apparently because it's easy to lose time when you've just been shot and killed.

Clarke has books titled "", "", "", and "". No points for guessing the length of the time skips. It's notable that a Human Popsicle from the first book plays a large role in the last one.

Happens between every part in The Pillars of the Earth. The Lord of the Rings has a substantial time skip between the first and second chapters, to the tune of seventeen years while Gandalf is off page trying to track down Gollum.

Knowing that, one has to wonder if Gollum is that good at hiding, or if Gandalf is that terrible at seeking.

There's also a skip of a couple of years between the penultimate and final chapter of the last book. Taiko skips over decades at a time, with the story beginning in and ending in The Power of Five: The beginning of Oblivion features a year time skip from Necropolis.

Venus Prime features several time skips to cover the times that Sparta and Blake spend either in extended transit or establishing cover identities the first book, for instance, has a two-year time skip to cover Sparta working her way through the Space Board bureaucracy, and then a six-month time skip to cover her training to become an Investigator.

Star Carrier jumps twenty years between book three, Singularity , and book four, Deep Space. Gregory Maguire's Wicked series features multiple time-skips.

Book One alone has four , jumping from Elphaba's birth and infancy straight to Elphaba's time at university, through to the university crowd in their mid-to-late twenties, and finally to Elphaba in her mid-thirties.

Book Two Son of a Witch starts out with Liir still a child only a little older than he was in Wicked , but quickly skips to his early-to-mid twenties.

Book Three A Lion Among Men focuses on a different set of characters and actually goes back and forth compared to the main continuity, but has a lot of internal skips of its own as Brrr's life story is told in disjointed order from birth to middle-age.

Finally, Book Four Out Of Oz skips again to Rain born at the end of Book Two as a child of seven or so, and proceeds to follow her more or less continuously until the age of sixteen.

The second book of the Tough Magic trilogy, Trenus , skips about a month's worth of time from the first book. Mortal Engines has a sixteen-year time skip between the second and third books.

There is a five-year gap between the last two books of the Sano Ichiro series, The Shogun's Daughter and The Iris Fan , though there are flashbacks of the interim period in the latter.

Circumstances have changed greatly for Sano and those around him, and definitely not for the better. Anne McCaffrey skips around seventy years between To Ride Pegasus and its first sequel, with several main characters in the latter being children or grandchildren of characters in the former.

One character who appears in both is Dorotea Horvath, who goes from being a small child to being an octogenarian grandmother.

Used very pointedly in The Princess Bride. Because William Goldman claims to be 'abridging' the original novel, he often cuts out chunks of what he claims are very boring pieces of narrative.

The timeskip comes when Buttercup, having agreed to marry Prince Humperdinck, must go through a few years of royalty schooling in order to become a princess.

Goldman says this is terribly dull and so he boils it down to simply this: We see only glimpses of their journey between large timeskips.

Sergey Lukyanenko 's Emperors of Illusions takes place four years after the end of Line of Delirium with Tommy now having grown up he was only 14 in the first book.

In False Mirrors , several years have passed, and they are now married. In fact, their marriage is on the rocks, especially since that first Real Life meeting at the train station never happened.

It turns out Leonid dreamed it all, while suffering from Deep psychosis. The first book of M. The second, Warriors of Dawn , is set possibly millennia after.

In the meantime, both the ordinary humans and their genetically engineered ler offspring have colonised a large segment of the galaxy.

The Vita Nuova begins with a brief prose section about Beatrice and Dante 's first meeting in before segueing into Dante's poetry about her written from to The poet explains that he didn't want to go much into his youth since stories about kids often sound made-up.

Apparently at least a few years were between the second an third albums, given that Psalty both got married and had triplets who had become more than old enough to speak in the intervening time.

The third album begins with the kids decorating a barn for a welcome back party for Psalty. The Odyssey is a sequel to The Iliad and starts about one year later.

It then lasts ten years, with time skips from one to seven years in the middle. Across several Cool Kids Table games: The first round of Creepy Town takes place a week before Halloween as the victims set up the Creepy Town haunted house, and the next one is the night before Halloween while they do a dry run.

The four children in the Harry Potter -themed game Hogwarts: The New Class are taken to Hogwarts in the spring, but spend a montage in the summer learning about the wizarding world so that they're not out of their depth when they start classes in the fall.

Sequinox has one between each pair of episodes during which the team fights low-level mooks, while the episodes themselves focus on bigger battles with stars and constellations.

BattleTech had a number of timeskips: The 20 Year Update made the jump from , just after the 4th Succession War, to , right before the Clan Invasion.

The War of was presented as backstory. A much longer timeskip happened with the launch of Mechwarrior: It is set in the same timeline as BattleTech , just in instead of where BattleTech was at the time.

Because of that, it presented the major Word of Blake Jihad, started in , entirely as backstory to the Dark Age era.

This also massively spoiled most of the major events of the Jihad era. Combined with the radical changes to the game's rules , moving to a CCG -style rather than BattleTech 's standard board-game, fans were not pleased.

The Dark Age boardgame was later discontinued though not due to lack of success; despite persistent rumors to the contrary, Dark Age and its sequel Age of Destruction were actually very popular , and the main boardgame and timeline has since caught up to it.

Exalted has rules for instituting your own time skips, with recommended amounts of Experience Points earned by your characters during the skip as it's assumed they didn't spend the whole time sitting around doing nothing.

More than a few tabletop Role-Playing Games and settings put time skips between editions if they don't just change the setting entirely: Shadowrun tends to change to keep the current edition about 60 years ahead of the real-world date when it's published, advancing the cutting edge of cyberware and other tech and because Technology Marches On.

The Gathering has had jumps of months, years, or centuries between blocks as the story moves along or shifts to a different plane entirely.

The Urza's Saga block in particular followed Urza's millennia of plotting and planning from the very end of the Brothers' War to just before the Phyrexian invasion.

Warhammer 40, With the introduction of the Horus Heresy series, there is technically a time skip from the heresy to "present day", 10k years later.

While the Horus Heresy game is built upon the same game system as "regular 40k", it's points system does not seem to be balanced against the existing 40k system with many saying that it has good internal balance, but will utterly crush any current 40k army.

Forge World the producer of Horus Heresy series differentiate between the two by stating that certain models can be used in 40k, dubbed the "Age of Darkness", and gain extra rules to reflect how they're older technology, but also has adjusted point costs and rules.

The Horus Heresy campaign books itself contains several time skips within the Heresy, as it took place across several years with only a few notable events happening due to it being an intergalactic war.

Between 7th and 8th editions there's a jump from the final days of the 41st millennium to a little more than a century later A hundred years pass between the acts of Sunday in the Park with George.

Sixteen years pass between the third and fourth acts of William Shakespeare 's The Winter's Tale , following his most famous stage direction, "Exit, pursued by a bear".

The time skips are Lampshaded in the Prologue of Henry V: In Strawberry Vinegar , you will get a time skip to nine years later after the credits, with the exception of one bad ending.

In the True Ending of ClockUp's Euphoria , the final scenes take place three years after the main events have ended. An Octave Higher has varying time skips of several months for three of its five possible endings.

The true story path begins with a five-year time skip after the end of the first act. A Day With Bowser Jr: This fanmade Mario series takes place in the near future, where Bowser Jr is in his teens.

Volume 4 starts 6 to 8 months after Volume 3. Tower of God has a five year time skip between season 1 and season 2.

The changes are rather great: Most of the important cast and Parakewl are reintroduced later. The Order of the Stick had a time skip come out of the blue when we follow Roy, dead and in Heaven, in his reunification with his late parents.

We actually see what transpires for him, but he finds out the hard way that he's been dead for three and a half months — he failed to notice the passage of time because in the afterlife the sun never sets, the weather never changes, and he never gets hungry or thirsty or tired.

We then cut back to the other characters and catch up on their rather grim situation. At first, Dominic Deegan had each adventure following on the heels of the last.

Lately, after every arc the comic skips forward a few months. Questionable Content is known for having a very sporadic case of Webcomic Time , where a single week's worth of strips can depict anything from a week's passage in-universe to a single one-minute long conversation.

However, around comic , a time-skip long enough for it to become winter and for Dora's hair to grow out, exposing her blonde roots, occurred.

Judging by the length of her hair, Penelope's pining over Wil's absence, and the seasonal change, at least two or three months passed between one strip and the next.

Coga Suro has an eighteen-year time skip between 'Coga Suro' and 'Coga Suro 2' [imaginatively named sequel]. Arthur, King of Time and Space: The webcomic had a timeskip after Merlin's death in the contemporary arc and the sabbatical.

It's since been established that previous cartoons have been pushed backwards so it's still "the present" in the contemporary arc, meaning Merlin didn't become an advisor to Obama, because he was dead before the election.

And then another two "real" years, along with the three in-universe years, pass between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Presumably this trend will continue through the remaining three movies. Rumors of War features a two-month time skip between the first and second Story Arcs.

In the first arc, the characters are en route to the city of Varna and encounter adventure during a layover, while in the beginning of the second arc they are implied to have not only reached their destination, but to have been there for some time.

In the meantime, several characters have vanished and several new ones have appeared, owing to the comic's Loads and Loads of Characters.

Not too long after the reset Fuzzy Things skipped forward two years, so that the main cast are eight instead of six years old. The initial storyline of Collar 6 involves a spanking contest that's three weeks off, and the first year of story only covered a single day, so it was inevitable that they'd use a Training Montage.

All Roses Have Thorns started off during the early 16th century, it is currently now in the 19th century, with various skips forward in time in between.

The story for the first five Acts takes place over a single day , disregarding Flashbacks and characters in the far future.

Act 6 takes place about three years after that day As the characters from the original universe travel to the new one a trip which takes three years , the story of their journey is told through a series of vignettes in the Act 6 Intermissions, stopping at the beginning of the journey, 1 year into it, 2 years into it, and the end of the journey.

During Act 4, there is a four-month time skip into a Bad Future where John has died fighting his Denizen way too early , and Jade could not enter the Medium and died too.

It gets reverted though. After the alpha kids enter the medium, we see flashes of what they go through as we skip ahead 22 weeks.



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